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I am informed by those who have seen or know me, that, I am a respected and gifted Medium. I came to discover this wonderful spiritual gift from a Vision I received in 1974, while attending a Baptism at St Georges Catherdal Perth Western Australia. After years feeling this was a call to become a Priest, which never eventuated, I was guided into a Spiritualist Church and while there was mentored by Rev Rhonda MacDougall, who was  a tough taskmaster, who ran several spiritual churches, and advised if you can't get it direct from the source or loved one in spirit, just reading  Cards won't help you. So I learnt how to become a channel for the Divine and in 1986 connected with my Guardian Angel who is with me today. She helps me connect to your loved ones and other divine Angels to give you messages to inspire and guide you in life situations. I conduct workshops and Evenings with Angels for those wanting to discover and connect to their own guides/gatekeepers, as I call them. Private sessions last around an hour and I record them onto a CD-ROM. It is my desire and intention to always do the best I can to convey to you messages from beyond the veil. It is your responsibility to accept or reject what is on offer as we will never interfere in your free will and choice. Ever reading or workshop is conducted in a safe and confidental environment. My motto borrowed from Sri Sathya Sai Baba is,"Love forever,Hurt Never."

About Me

It was not until 2002, after a vision of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who guided me to come to India, after I had hit rock bottom in this life journey, that while I was there , Archangel Michael appeared before me and literally lit up the room before then telling me it was time to embark on my mission in life and so I set up and stepped into the abyss by becoming a fulltime medium, Bowen Practitioner healer and now it seems an author. For from that time I started doing monthly newsletters and it was from them that my first book was written and which I still do today. You are most welcome to message me and become a subscriber or see them on Facebook posts under Angel connections. I am a simple person and simply have become a speaker system for the Divine. My books are available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble or from me direct. My latest novel; 12 Steps to Discover Your Destiny, is now available for purchase. My most sincere prayer for you is that you are blessed with joy and happiness from this day forward.

What To Expect

If you want to organise a group or come and see me personally, I am fully open to work with you. I currently live in Western Australia but travel around Australia and go overseas as guided by Archangel Michael. I am happy to travel and we can work out a cost that works for both as I do believe in a win/win for both the organiser and myself. Travel and accommodation cost may apply for long distances.  Remember I do work for God and I totally trust in my divine guidance and so if you feel the urge to call me, so that we can be of service to you and/or the people you know then ring or email me and let's get talking. Remember don't put off tomorrow what you can do today! Bless you.


please contact me if you wish to purchase from me rather than Amazon or Barnes and noble or if you cannot locate them and i will sent you a copy which can be organised here via paypal or via bank transfer. Why not subscribe to my free newletter each month or join me on facebook.

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Why not organise a group today and I will come to your home or place and give each person a 20min-30 minute reading which will be recorded onto CD-ROM for free for those who wish to have it done so. These a great ways to have the Angels and I bless your home while each person receives personal guidance for each attendeee.Please note Travel and accommodation costs may vary and the price is $A70.00 for each person and the deposit is $70 as above,to confirm your booking and is non refundable if cancelled. Why not ring today or email me as to when you want a party. These fill fast so don't delay.

Personal Private Reading


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Remember you do not walk alone for your Loved Ones in Spirit and your beautiful guiding Angels watch over you. I am a spiritual medium who channels, like a speaker system for them to speak to you and provide guidance. We never interfere with your free will and choice. They love to validate your journey by providing proof, so that you may believe in the life hereafter and that there are no secrets. I am happy to record the session onto a cd rom and give it to you, either when you see me in person or I will post it to you if we conduct the session via Skype or Phone. I am also happy to do email readings and so there, dear soul, we have covered it all and you have no excuses not to buy today. Remember every reading is safe and confidential with love and blessings from your divine angels. The contents of the reading are not my responsibility as I am the channel only, and what is offered I will not filter but tell you what is said very straight forwardedly, for I will always do my best and it is my intention and desire to be of service to you and the divine. Therefore, no refunds are offered, so please only book if you are serious  and as they say, buyer be aware. My motto is," Love forever, Hurt never." In saying the above know that anyone who has passed into spirit who hurt you may not be allowed to speak unless you give permission and /or ask . Love and blessings Les


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